Why hiring a male stripper for your bachelorette party is a must

What Do Male Strippers Do?

If you’re looking for the spicy kind of entertainment for your bachelorette party, hiring a male stripper is the best way to go about it. However, many women hire a male stripper for parties for all the wrong reasons. So, let’s talk about what male strippers actually do.


Yes, these guys have the same task the female strippers have — to take their clothes off and seduce you with their dancing. But that’s not the only thing they do because professional male strippers are entertainers first. Sure, they should have a hot body that you’ll love to look at, but having a good personality is what helps them land clients.


Besides taking their clothes off, male strippers will also entertain you by playing hen party games. These men are open-minded, so everything can be arranged and negotiated.

Male Strippers Respect Confidentiality

One of the benefits of hiring male strippers is that they respect confidentiality. Since you’ve opted to have a spicy bachelorette party, you don’t want anyone other than people attending knowing what went down. Why? Well, things can get out of hand sometimes, lots of alcohol is involved, and there can even be sexual favors.


While sexual favors aren’t common for all male strippers, they know how to keep your secrets regardless of what happens. This is important because jealous partners can often try to find out what happened during your party and even go as far as contacting your stripper. However, you can rest assured that what happens at your party will stay at your party.


The only thing your stripper could share with his colleagues is whether you were a good or bad client. Now, this matters only if you want to continue hiring male strippers for different occasions.

They Will Do What You Want

If you’ve ever been to a party with a bunch of drunken women, you’ll know that they can get pretty wild. A bit of alcohol can do wonders for a woman’s confidence, so ladies are more daring when they’re under the influence. Not all entertainers will be able to keep up and realize all party requests. Why? Some of them may even be outrageous and include bachelorette party favors that don’t include goodies (if you know what we mean).


So, what kind of entertainer will be able to take on these women’s challenges? None other than an exotic male dancer. Stripping is usually the least of their worries, as they know to expect some wild challenges or requests from their clients. However, if you’re the bride or in the bridal party, you should let your stripper know what he can expect from you. This ensures everyone knows what they’re getting themselves into.

Male Strippers Provide Worthwhile Entertainment

Of course, you can have all kinds of entertainment at your bachelorette party. It’s up to the organizer to figure out what kind of activities the party crew will be involved in. However, that can often prove to be an impossible task. You have to take everyone’s likes and dislikes into account and plan accordingly. That means not everyone will be up for charades or drinking games.

Luckily, hiring a male stripper can lift a lot of weight off your shoulders. How so? Well, most people think that stripping is something that’s over within a couple of minutes. While you can take your clothes off fast, these shows can last for an hour or two. It all depends on the kind of arrangement you have with your stripper. They can strip and play games, making this worthwhile entertainment.

They Do Not Have High Demands

If you decide you want to hire a male dancer for your bachelorette party, don’t worry about spending a fortune. It’s a common misconception that hiring a male stripper will cost more than you plan on spending. They have their rates and fees that usually don’t go over $200. If you’re splitting the price of the party between the guests, paying a stripper won’t be expensive at all.


What you do have to keep in mind are the tips. Tipping your dancer is mandatory, but you don’t have to throw hundreds of dollars at him. What if you want the show to last longer? Communicate that to your stripper, but keep in mind this will cost you extra, and it’s up to the stripper if he wants to do it or not. Other than that, even though your stripper doesn’t have high demands, ensure he also has a good time.

Male Strippers Are Easy to Contact 

Stripping may have been taboo once, but that’s not the case anymore. With the rise of the internet, it’s easy to find just about any service you need. That includes stripping, and there are a couple of ways to connect.


If you’re doing this for the first time, it might be better to contact a club or an agency that manages male strippers. All you need to do is find a reputable one to ensure you won’t be scammed.


On the other hand, you can look around the internet for strippers that manage themselves. Making arrangements directly with your stripper may be better if you have any unique requests. Remember that it’s always up to the performer if they want to accept your booking or not, so be respectful and open to communication.