Appreciating the Beauty of Japanese Sex Dolls

Did you know Japanese sex dolls are so advanced and real that they can replace your girlfriend altogether? Yes, you heard that right! These lifelike silicone dolls resemble perfect human anatomy are pieces of fine art.

Starting from the real skin feel, to the blinking of the eyes to the movable joints, you will be amazed at these Japanese masterpieces. You can fulfill your wildest desires through these dolls by dressing them into any outfits to match your fantasy. Be it nurse uniform, to maids to sexy girls. They are just perfect!

They will provide companionship, sexual desires and will also add spice to your relationship. The best part about Sex dolls is they don’t care about your bank balance; your job or your looks and you are free from the consequences of the judgment.

Japanese sex dolls are created to resemble Asian, European, African- American and American descendants and come in various age spectrums as well. Some are designed to look like a school going young girls, some as young adults while some resemble mature women. They come in various body sizes as well and you can order any size you prefer.

The huge breasts, perfect round ass, vagina, curvy thighs and hips and with all feminine female features are a treat for the eyes. With these dolls, you can enjoy sex anytime, anywhere whether be it oral or anal or vaginal. They got you!

Neither do they nag nor do they answer back but are always ready for you to satisfy the wildest pleasure without asking any questions. Now if you are new to Japanese sex dolls and is looking forward to buy this perfect piece of mastery, here is a guide to help you with this perfect decision.

Let’s start with the basics…

So what are exactly these Japanese Sex dolls?

Well, to put it in simplest terms, think of them as “Synthetic, lifelike lovers” that are specifically designed for helping men masturbate. The sole purpose of these dolls to give men the pleasure of intercourse with female without the ongoing muss and fuss that usually goes on with real-life wife or girlfriend.

You can order either specific body parts like the vagina and anus or can even order a full meal with a head, torso, legs, and arms. There are various types of options available in the market to match your preferences.

There are sex dolls that come with vibrating and movable body parts and even have the option to clean the Vagina, anus and the mouth to maintain cleanliness. These dolls come along in different range of prices and it varies according to the quality of these Silicon lifelike dolls.

Should or shouldn’t you buy one?

The answer to this question is an absolute “YES” only if you are comfortable using these silicone sex dolls. It is indeed a perfect sex toy to keep around the house.

But Beware, if you have a wife or girlfriend who doesn’t like to share you with anyone else, investing in these dolls won’t prove to be a good idea. Many people also find sex dolls creepy and pervy due to such realism of their structure and features. In those cases, you should avoid it by all means.

But if you are a guy who feels horny most of the times, then Japanese sex dolls are an ideal investment on your personal life.

Always buy sex dolls with quality construction and materials.

There are various materials that are used to construct dolls like rubber, vinyl or silicone. But look for options that are made of silicon because it gives a real skin-like feeling and are much easier to clean and maintain. They look damn real and are hypoallergenic which minimizes the risk of rashes or skin irritation. High-quality and realistic sex dolls which you can find at lovegasm are highly recommended by us because of their impressive positive reviews.

Lubricants should always be water-based

Oil or silicone lubricants are not good for materials made of silicon, rubber or any other material. They just make the skin soft and sticky and can easily be peeled off after some use. This is because the materials react with the lubricants and damage the skin of the doll.

Therefore whenever using sex dolls, always use lubricants that are water-based.

Warm her up for intensifying your pleasure

Sliding your penis into a cold orifice won’t help you much. The best advice is to wrap your dolls under a heated blanket at least for 30 minutes prior to using her. It will be more fun and natural to use it.

Keep them clean

Don’t forget to clean the orifices thoroughly after each and every use with lukewarm water and mild body soap. You can also use a toy disinfection to ensure 100% cleanliness.

Corn starch is also a great option if you are concerned about the surface feeling sticky and oily. Dusting starch will bring her back to new ensuring your doll is in tip top shape.

Appreciating the Beauty of Japanese Sex Dolls

For some, these dolls are the ultimate answer to their sex life while for some they are just creepy and unnecessary. But whatever the case may be, these dolls are pieces of art and deserves appreciation.

Here we have listed some of the reasons that make Japanese Sex dolls awesome and will encourage you to order one right away.

  • Whenever you are ready, they are also ready without any complaints like “not today”, or “I feel too tired”. They are always hands on!
  • The best part of Japanese Sex Dolls is while using them one doesn’t have to worry about STD’s or AIDS. However, it is of utmost importance to keep these dolls clean and sterilized to avoid any build up in the aperture.
  • You don’t have to take them out on dinner or even buy them flowers. Just pump them up with some lube and you are good to go.
  • They have no expectations from you which mean no judgement hence no argument. They are simply perfect in every way.

Girlfriends or wives can leave you anytime but Japanese Sex dolls will never leave you. They don’t require any effort from your end other than pounding away until your heart’s pacified.